American Shorthairs for Sale in Jackson, MI

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  1. Starburst was adopted from a shelter. She is about 1 year old. She is very playful, a bit shy but once she gets to know you she is very cuddly. She likes to roll over on her sides for tummy rubs.
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  2. Firefly was adopted from our local pet shelter. He is very playful, friendly, and likes pets. He is very well behaved.
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  3. This is Morpheus. He is an orange American Short-haired, gold/green eyes, 10 years old approximately, was found as a baby and I bottle fed him and took him in. He is neutered, not declawed, up to date on shots/vaccines. Morpheus is in desperate ne...
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  4. Kirito (Kito) is a very shy cat, but once he warms up, he is super lovey and loves to curl up between your feet and follow you wherever you go like a little shadow. He will run away at noises and visitors, but always gets curious enough to come ba...
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  5. This is Mae ☺️ I adopted her when she was about a year and a half years old, and now she is about 4-5 years old. She's chipped, front declawed, and very sweet. She loves to cuddle, get lots of love, play with her toys, and sit in sunny windows. Sh...
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  6. Ruby is a sweet girl who loves to play and cuddle with her sister Shadow and other cats. She also loves to cuddle with people when it is nap time. Her favorite play toy is fake mice, she will run around with them and proudly bring them to you.... ...
    Ruby ·5 days ago on
  7. Shadow is a sweet kitten who loves to cuddle and play. When she is feeling affectionate she likes to rub her face on your face to show her love. She loves to run around and play with other cats and dogs. When it is nap time she wants to be curled ...
    Shadow ·5 days ago on
  8. Found at deaths door, and revitalized him back to Health. But Due to my schedule he sits in a cage, very scared and I want him to a have a loving home so he may feel what it’s like to be loved.
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  9. I have been helping the strays in my neighborhood and am looking for a home for this cat. She is fixed, vaccinated, and FIV positive. She is sweet but wants to be outdoors a lot and doesn’t want to be held. Petting is good though. She is ok with m...
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  10. Hudson is a 6 year old male who is fixed. He is an inside cat only. Has never been outside. He is a gentle giant. Once he gets to know you he is very affectionate
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  11. Loving older cat needs good home as he does not get along with our dog. Loves attention and can be heard in the other room when purring. He is missing some teeth, but still can eat us out of house and home.
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  12. Tigger showed up at our doorstep 3 years ago. He is a great mouser. He is an outdoor/indoor cat. We tried to keep him indoors but he is sneaky about getting out. He loves to cuddle when he chooses to. He gets along with our dog and tolerates our o...
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  13. Peanut and Hazel are sisters. They are exceedingly loving and friendly. They are always the first two cats to approach visitors who come to the shelter and never fail to greet them with purrs, rubs, and many hugs. They are truly delightful, beauti...
    Peanut ·2 weeks ago on
  14. Mellow is the epitome of the orange cat: good-hearted, friendly, loyal, tranquil, and so, so loving. In spite of all his attributes, Mellow has had it tough in life so far. He was found at a campground and was adopted by a family that tried their ...
    Mellow ·2 weeks ago on
  15. Milo was purchased in April 2017 on Craigslist at only 8weeks old to be a new addition to our family. He is now 4 years old and has adjusted to our other cat Ace over the years although he would probably prefer to be an only pet at times. Recently...
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