American Shorthairs for Sale in Albemarle, NC

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  1. My husband and I sold our home of 21 years, planning on moving into a townhome. There were none available in the timeframe we needed one and ended up having to rent an apartment. Apartments that were available have a 2 pet limit. We just moved 2 w...
    Sammy ·5 hours ago on
  2. This is Pudgy! He is a domestic short-hair brown tabby that is 7 months old. He is fully vaccinated and neutered. All paperwork and tags included. He is such a sweet boy and loves to cuddle! He was named Pudgy after his adorable little pudgy cheek...
    Pudgy ·1 week ago on
  3. This is Lucky! A beautiful domestic short hair tuxedo approximately 1 1/2 years old. She is spayed and vaccinated. All paperwork and tags included. She is very low maintenance and doesn't jump high, so I'd say your countertops are safe! Her curren...
    Lucky ·1 week ago on
  4. This is Sleepy! He is a domestic short-hair brown tabby that is 7 months old. He is fully vaccinated and neutered. He loves to play and loves to be wherever you are! He was named Sleepy because he would always be found sleeping as a baby while his...
    Sleepy ·1 week ago on
  5. Phoebe is an amazing cat. She has a sweet but spunky personality. She was named after Phoebe on friends and she acts just like her. She is a huge cuddle bug
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  6. Licorice was a very sick stray, we took him and his brothers in to nurse them back to health until we could find them homes or a nice shelter. We couldnt find any homes and no shelter wanted cats. Hes very sweet, a little skittish at times but lov...
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  7. 7167F0E0-7F8C-4931-950A-FD42B50936A6.jpeg... see more at
    2021634 Cammie ·1 week ago on
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    2021647 Mini ·1 week ago on
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    2021639 Lisa ·1 week ago on
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    2021646 Tom ·1 week ago on
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    2021648 Ridge ·1 week ago on
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    2021635 Freedom ·1 week ago on
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    2021638 Larry ·1 week ago on
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    2021643 Tom Tom ·1 week ago on
  15. Pepe is the sweetest, loving, cuddly, and especially laid back cat I have met in my entire life. Unfortunately I had never owned a cat before him since I was deathly allergic but my ex-boyfriend, decide on getting one while we were together. He ha...
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