Cats for Sale in Weatherford, OK

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  1. Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity. This handsome boy is full of antics and tricks. He loves to play and will show off as long as you let him. He may be too rough for young kids, but he enjoys energy and excitement. ... see more at P...
    Macavity ·3 weeks ago on
  2. Sushi is one busy boy. He enjoys all sort of cat toys and wands. He likes to try his hand at catching flies -or "sky raisins". He unapologetically knocks things over. He pounces on and chases his brothers around. He likes to be in the middle of th...
    Sushi ·3 weeks ago on
  3. Raya is a beautiful, medium-hair tuxedo cat. Raya is curious and wants to be involved first-hand in whatever you are doing. She loves cuddles and affection. She likes to give kitty kisses and is just the perfect mix of goofy and sweet. ... see mor...
    Raya ·3 weeks ago on
  4. Apply to adopt Eli at see more at
    Eli ·3 weeks ago on
  5. Trixie is a pretty torbie with endless curiosity. "What is making that noise outside the window?" "What is in the bag?" "Is that your second bowl of ice cream?"... She can really keep you on your toes. ... see more at
    Trixie ·3 weeks ago on
  6. Ever have one of those days where you just don't like people? Where you would rather sit at home and pass judgment on people, but don't dare want to deal with their foolishness? That describes how Outlaw feels everyday of his life. However, he is ...
    Outlaw ·3 weeks ago on
  7. This beautiful torbie is full of spunk. Piper has crazy zoomie times and loves to hide under blankets to surprise attack. She is a very vocal cat who loves to carve out time for snuggles. ... see more at
    Piper ·3 weeks ago on
  8. Pixie isn't likely to smother anyone with too much attention. No need to apologize when you work long hours, because she won't mind. Pixie would like to keep the owner/cat relationship as professional as possible. She likes being pet, but if you a...
    Pixie ·3 weeks ago on
  9. Karen is a petite tabby who came to our care needing a safe place to raise her kittens. She was an A+ momma, but now she is ready to have some "me time". Karen is a laid back cat who enjoys window watching, lounging, and bossing other cats around....
    Karen ·3 weeks ago on
  10. Angus loves to cuddle. He is ready to spend some relaxing afternoons with his new family. Angus plays well with other kittens, but will usually opt for human cuddles when given the choice. ... see more at
    Angus ·3 weeks ago on
  11. This little charmer is ready to be spoiled! Hollywood is an affectionate kitten who doesn't mind at all being the center of attention. ... see more at
    Hollywood ·3 weeks ago on
  12. Paprika was a pretty spicy little kitten when she came to us. She has calmed down quite a bit and enjoys her cuddle time and play time. Paprika gets along with other cats, but can be a little bossy with younger kittens. She likes to play a game ca...
    Paprika ·3 weeks ago on
  13. Newt was born with a daredevil spirit. He is full of adventure and mischief. One of his favorite tricks involves leaping onto his human from different surfaces in the room - this seems to be most fun when the human does not know what is about to h...
    Newt ·3 weeks ago on
  14. Simone is a stranger in a strange land. As happens with some bottle babies, she did not develop necessary feline socialization skills. Simone is desperate for attention, love and companionship but sometimes responds with claws and teeth. She is lo...
    Simone ·3 weeks ago on
  15. Ava is a beautiful kitten who is ready for adventure. Ava loves exploring new places and plays well with other kittens. She enjoys pets and snuggles, but can be contented with watching out the window as well. Ava enjoys cat toys and all types of s...
    Ava ·3 weeks ago on