Cats for Sale in Klamath Falls, Oregon

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  1. Voit will be a bit shy at first, but he wants to be someone's friend.... see more at
    Voit ·4 days ago on
  2. Sal wants to be a lap-cat. He probably be happiest if in a small family.... see more at
    Sal ·5 days ago on
  3. Roberta is sweet and wants to be a lap-cat. But she should be the only one.... see more at
    Roberta ·5 days ago on
  4. Roberts if very loving and playful. He has a dominant personality.... see more at
    Roberts ·5 days ago on
  5. Fiora is an active, loving cat with a dominant personality. She wants to be on your lap and has lots of energy.... see more at
    Fiora ·5 days ago on
  6. Drew is an active male and very loving. He probably would do best if the only cat in the family.... see more at
    Drew ·5 days ago on
  7. Punkey is very active and wants attention. Her tail curls up over her back. She has been indoors-only and needs a large home. Our guess is Punkey would be happy if she could access the out-of-doors for exploration. ... see more at
    Punkey ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  8. Whitney is easy-going and has notched ears. She prefers a quiet home.... see more at
    Whitney ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  9. Louise is a very quiet, sit-back feline. She is gentle and does not want too much activity in her life. We believe she would be a good match for a very quiet household.... see more at
    Louise ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  10. Wines-1 will be shy at first. Once comfortable, she will make 'dough' with her paws. Nicely tempered. ... see more at
    Wines-1 ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  11. Erica-2 is very busy and affectionate. She likely would not do well with a dog and young children.... see more at
    Erica-2 ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  12. Liz is a quiet feline who would like all the attention given to her.... see more at
    Liz ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  13. Morey is quiet and will be shy at first. Most of his teeth have been extracted. Eats dry food.... see more at
    Morey ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  14. Kaitlynn is very loving and wants a lap to be hers.... see more at
    Kaitlynn ·Over 4 weeks ago on
  15. Shannon is quiet, easy-going and beautiful.... see more at
    Shannon ·Over 4 weeks ago on