Cats for Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

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  1. Tiger is 2 years old and has lot of energy. He can be very sweet and cudly but also needs to run around some and likes outdoors for short periods. Im older and cant play with him much and he bothers my allergies and asthma. I got him at a pet shel...
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  2. … Newton, NC (33755470)
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  3. … Newton, NC (33755472)
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  4. … Newton, NC (33755474)
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  5. Shadow came to us to be rehomed (the original owner moved) we got her from Virginia. I have a 10 year old Turkish Angora Himalayian who is having anxiety attacks, tearing out her hair ect. At one point Shadow chased after her, but there was never ...
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  6. … Newton, NC (33755473)
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  7. … Charlotte, NC (33756542) spayed/neutered
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  8. Sweet cat that I found at work. He needs a good home. I am unable to keep him because of health issues. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will begin treatments next week. I will not be able to give him the time and attention he deser...
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  9. … in Shelby, NC (33749091)
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  10. … in Shelby, NC (33748661)
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  11. … in Shelby, NC (33749089)
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  12. … in Shelby, NC (33749090)
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  13. … cat in Newton, NC (33755471)
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  14. First and foremost Pippin is a lover. He loves to cuddle and follows me around the house. He loves sitting in people's laps getting pets and purring. Pippin is also a goofball and loves to play and run around the house doing flips in the air. Him ...
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  15. … Lancaster, SC (33739329) spayed/neutered
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