Cats for Sale in Brevard, North Carolina

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    Pascal ·1 day ago on
  2. Say hello to Gavin! Gavin has a unique way of showing his affection: he loves to gently headbutt his human friends as a sign of his love and trust. This endearing habit makes everyone feel special and loved. When you are petting him, Gavin's purrs...
    Gavin ·3 days ago on
  3. Juggernaut is a playful powerhouse, delighting in games of chase, pouncing on his favorite toys, and exploring every corner of his kingdom. But don't let his robust spirit fool you-this gentle giant also has a tender side, enjoying quiet moments o...
    Juggernaut ·3 days ago on
  4. Introducing Milo, the marvelous orange tabby with a zest for life and a heart full of love! This vibrant kitty is as sweet and irresistible as his name suggests. With his bright, sunny coat and twinkling eyes, Milo is always ready to brighten your...
    Milo ·3 days ago on
  5. A cat named bat?! What's up with that?!? Well cats and bats, actually have a lot in common! They both come in many different colors, gray, black, and orange. They both move nocturnally and snooze through the day. And they are both covered in fur! ...
    Bat ·3 days ago on
  6. Meet Tetra, a spirited and playful kitten who's always ready for a new adventure. This little explorer loves navigating her world with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Despite her lively nature, she has a gentle and affectionate side, loving to cu...
    Tetra ·3 days ago on
  7. Just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and looking for a family to grow up in. With a coat as vibrant as the morning sun, this sweet boy would love nothing more than to soar into your heart.... see more at
    Phoenix ·3 days ago on
  8. Like his namesake, Guppy is a little fish in a big world. He has grown up in our waters but if looking for a pond to make all his own. Once you meet Guppy, it will not take long for him to swim into your heart.... see more at
    Guppy ·3 days ago on
  9. Introducing Garbanzo, the chickpea-tacular tabby with a heart full of love and a playful spirit! This delightful kitty is as irresistible as your favorite hummus, bringing joy and laughter to everyone he meets. With his big, curious eyes and adora...
    Garbanzo ·3 days ago on
  10. All the animals in our care are beautiful unicorns but this specific Unicorn is unique and amazing in her own way! With a tabby coat and small orange splotches, she is sure to steal your heart and make your every day a little more magical!... see ...
    Unicorn ·3 days ago on
  11. Meet Anya, an adorable and playful kitten eager to find a loving home where she can grow and thrive. With her soft fur and bright, inquisitive eyes, she will surely steal your heart instantly. Anya has a sweet and affectionate side, loving nothing...
    Anya ·3 days ago on
  12. Meet Jimothy, a sleek and handsome little stud muffin who's currently enjoying all the pampering from our dedicated volunteers and staff. However, Jimothy dreams of finding a home of his own! This affectionate gentleman has a charming habit of mak...
    Jimothy ·1 week ago on
  13. Meet Sean Paul, the charismatic black cat with a heart of gold! At two years old, Sean Paul is in his prime, radiating with energy and charm. He boasts a sleek and shiny black coat and expressive green eyes that will stare into your soul! Despite ...
    Sean Paul ·1 week ago on
  14. … (short coat) cat in Sapphire, NC (41568649) spayed/neutered
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  15. … (short coat) cat in Sapphire, NC (41568648)
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