Cats for Sale in Rapid City, South Dakota

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  1. This is Vroom. This handsome boy loves to cuddle and behind the ear scratches. He gets along with everyone he meets. He also loves to tell people stories!... see more at
    Vroom ·3 days ago on
  2. This is Cider. Cider loves to play and be silly. Cider is also a playful little fella that also enjoys himself a little bit of pate. He is always playing with his brother Fox.... see more at
    Cider ·3 days ago on
  3. This is Fox! He is a shy little guy, but he still finds a way to get attention. He loves his naps. Fox also plays with his brother Cider all the time!... see more at
    Fox ·3 days ago on
  4. This is Russet! He loves to play with his two other siblings Yukon and Maori. Russet enjoys a good nap and pate.... see more at
    Russet ·3 days ago on
  5. This is Kristi. She is up to date on all of her vaccines and is spayed. Kristi is shy and will take a few visits for her to get used to her new family.... see more at
    Kristi ·3 days ago on
  6. Meet Crow! Crow loves to play and a good scratch. He is always playing with his brother Zombie. He also loves to take a nap and cuddle.... see more at
    Crow ·3 days ago on
  7. I adopted Marz over 1 yr ago in Colorado. I’m a Workcamper which means I live in a RV and travel, usually seasonally, to work. So Marz has been across the US traveling and living in a 21 ft travel trailer with me. She does quite well with this. In...
    1 week ago on
  8. Sally loves to talk and spend time with people. ... see more at
    Sally ·1 week ago on
  9. My beautiful Hank needs a new home. He came to us as a lost cat last winter. He is neutered, vaccinated, and his teeth have been cleaned. He is about 8 years old. Why a new home? I have two female cats who are old. Tigs and Hank get along fine, bu...
    Hank ·1 week ago on
  10. Hi, this is Kenny. This lovable guy absolutely loves to play. He always seems to get in trouble by his sister, Kristi, because he always wants to play. He has lots of energy and loves to eat. Kenny is up to date on all of his shot and he is fixed....
    Kenny ·1 week ago on
  11. This is Yukon. This little guy loves to play with his two siblings Russet and Maori. Yukon will never miss a meal or pass up a treat. Yukon absolutely loves pate.... see more at
    Yukon ·1 week ago on
  12. Meet Maori, this little girl never passes up a nap. She loves to play with her two brothers Russet and Yukon. Maori likes being held. ... see more at
    Maori ·1 week ago on
  13. Hi, this is Cosmo. He is neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations! Cosmo likes attention. Cosmo gets along with other cats, but he likes to keep to himself. He would be a perfect fit for a napping buddy. ... see more at
    Cosmo ·1 week ago on
  14. This is Zena. Zena loves to play with her sister Zuri. This little gal likes to keep to herself also. She is kinda bashful and will need to take some time to get used to new people.... see more at
    Zena ·1 week ago on
  15. This is Lando! Lando is a very affectionate and playful cat. He never skips a meal. He loves butt scratches and under the chin. Lando is also neutered and is up to date on all of his vaccinations.... see more at
    Lando ·1 week ago on